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Susan Estes, Founding Partner

Susan Estes,
Founding Partner






Tim Fletcher

Tim Fletcher

Susan Page Estes

Susan is a technology entrepreneur, scientist and artist. Her experience spans digital manufacturing, software, video, educational technology, spinouts, and 3D design and printing.

In addition to her work with DesignHouse, she serves as Senior Director of ATHENA, a private foundation focused on opportunities that merge technology, science, art and education. Prior to this, she was Managing Director, Global Tech Expertise at UBS, building on her 14 years as CEO of OnCom, Inc, a global software and services firm focused on strategy, spinouts, commercialization and bespoke systems for clients around the world. 

Her board experience includes Hyde Park Art Center, the Poetry Foundation and ElevateEnergy. Whether building companies or Arduino constructions, Susan is a creative connector.

You can follow Susan on Twitter @globalspe.


Tim Fletcher

Tim's day job is president of OneBusinessDesign in Pittsburgh, PA.  In that role he works with companies, from startups to Fortune 500, to develop new initiatives through the use of Design Thinking methods.  He also works as an expert witness in Design patent cases and teaches Design Thinking in several schools at Carnegie Mellon University.

Past roles include Business Development Manager for Daedalus and instructor of Industrial Design and Design Thinking at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to teaching, Tim worked in the consumer and commercial electronics, infant products and sporting goods industries. He holds 14 design patents and 4 utility patents in the US and internationally.

Tim is a long standing member of the Industrial Designers Society of America, including service on their Board of Directors. Currently he serves as IDSA's Government Liaison officer supporting the organization to make inroads into and create relationships between IDSA and the US Government. He has been in the appointed position of International Liaison Officer – Asia, building bridges between IDSA and industrial design in Asia. 

Tim was elected to the board of DesignHouse in Fall 2015. 


Paul Hatch, Founding Partner

Paul Hatch, Founding Partner

Paul Hatch

By day, Paul Hatch is President of industrial design firm TEAMS Design.

Following 5 years at TEAMS Design in Germany, Paul Hatch opened the Chicago branch in 1998. TEAMS Design now has five branches worldwide, over 100 industrial designers and engineers and has received over 1000 Design awards.

Paul has spoken at many conferences around the world. In August 2013 Paul was Chair of the International Conference for IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America), which featured speakers such as Dean Kamen, Jonathan Ive and Microsoft’s Bill Buxton.

Together with Deana McDonagh he was responsible for creating the IDSA books Impact: The Synergy of Technology, Business and Design and REALIZE: Design Means Business in 2005 and 2006. He is also known for founding and running an “extreme debate” event called Fight Club (enough said).

Wikipedia lists Paul as having 29 patents and 30 design awards. In April 2009, Hatch was the third design professional ever to be awarded the IDSA Midwest Honors for Outstanding Achievement.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @paulhatch1