Design for Local | SIU

Our first St. Louis Jam was an exciting collaboration with St. Louis Makes, bringing together local designers, innovators, manufacturers and bio-med specialists to innovate around the capabilities of local silicone molding- a unique capability to St. Louis. During the Jam, the diverse teams ideated within these capabilities around bio-med products; wheelchair accessories, dispensing children's medicine and wearable medical devices. The plethora of ideas that came out of the event are now being taken forward by industrial design students at Southern Illinois Universty, who also attended the Jam.

The first step was to choose ideas to move forward from the Jam. Using feedback from MDS Plastics, the midwest's only silicone injection molder, 5 teams were formed around 5 promising ideas to develop them into concepts. Last week the teams presented their mid-process concepts at the Brick City Makes tour in front of designers, marketers, and manufacturers in a shark tank style presentation. This feedback will give them valuable insights on how to refine their work for a final presentation March 9th.

See the mid-term concept pitches below!