We know there are opportunities to develop high-value consumer goods made locally through the power of design.  Consider how OXO transformed a 99¢ potato peeler into a $9 item through better ergonomics. DesignHouse can help grow Chicago’s economy and skill base through increased exposure to design thinking around manufacturing processes. In part, this will come about through making designers more aware of local production capabilities. This is especially important as the maker movement and design entrepreneurship continue to be fueled by crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and lower-cost digital manufacturing capabilities such as 3D printing.

Our story begins in Chicago.

Chicago is a major U.S. manufacturing hub that includes activities focused on B2B and industrial production as well as two strong centers of experitise --metal and digital manufacturing.   Combining our expertise in design thinking and manufacturing backgrounds, DesignHouse is poised to help make a difference in educating and building design thinking skillsfor the small to medium manufacturing ecosystem. 


Next:  Atlanta, Houston, and others:  We will be forming chapters in each of these cities in 2016/2017, please let us know if you are interested in being involved.

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