Seeds from Design House Chicago take root in Roanoke, Virginia

One of our students from the VATech Chicago Studio team has launched a Kickstarter campaign.  In her words, Morgan Matt:  "My experience in Chicago with the Design House team has greatly influenced my summer and current endeavors. Not only was I addicted to Kickstarter walking away, but I grew attached to a few key concepts we held dear as a team: 

Supporting local manufacturing, living local (like the farm-to-table movement), and going green!"

Morgan's project originated in an architectural felting class where their only prompt was to create something modular.

"When we were throwing out a range of ideas I actually had a flashback to Big Delicious Planet.  I was really inspired by their backyard garden and fresh picked herbs growing vertically on fences everywhere."

In Blacksburg, Virginia, home of VaTech, the local farmer's market is very popular and, as a team, they wanted to highlight local, green living by bringing plants into people's homes.   

Their manufacturer is only 45 minutes from campus in Roanoke, called Cardinal Rubber. Everything is sourced from the U.S. and will be made in the U.S.  The local papers have picked up the story.

Local Designers Want To Bring The Outdoors Inside

Way to go Morgan and Team!  And thank you for carrying the DesignHouse mission forward.  Support  Local!  They are almost at their goal.